This project Branch Place is part of the second phase of the Colville Estate regeneration programme comprising of 116 units. The project, designed by Karakusevic Carson Architects, is comprised of two buildings that were conceived together as an urban block that would contribute to a strong and consistent neighbourhood identity. Each is then articulated independently with distinct typologies, contrasting roof forms and variations in brick tone that provide individual character.

To the north-west corner of the project is Dorchester House, a 7-storey block that take influence from nearby industrial warehouse buildings.

To the east is Clift House, a courtyard building fronting Branch Place that features a raised landscaped garden with carparking underneath. In response to its different edge conditions, massing is varied. Wrapping round to the south, the building line is broken down into smaller elements to form a residential terrace of homes lining Colville Street. The mixed collection of building typologies and the use of traditional brickwork at Branch Place contributes to the variety of the townscape of the new neighbourhood.