Lee Marley was awarded the Craftsmanship Award at the 2014 Brick Awards for what was described as a “technically demanding project carried out with great skill and integrity”. Inspired by classical architecture this project required high levels of skill and attention to detail.

Lee Marley were responsible for the entire façade, installing both the brickwork and stonework as well as supplying the scaffolding.

The combination of these three trades in one package was of a distinct advantage on site as it allowed greater planning and flexibility in the build sequence. There were significant amounts of pre-fabricated elements, such as arches, as well as large-scale pieces of both natural and pre-cast stone. The brickwork was built using traditional Victorian techniques including lime mortar and penny struck lime putty pointing. Using Flemish bond and at 9 inches thick the brickwork was structural and independent of the block-work inner leaf.

The judging panel at the Brick Awards commented,

“The brickwork contractor has proved themselves to be masters of their profession with this technically demanding assemblage of brick and stone. The work has been carried out with infinite care and skill and the end result sees a beautifully crafted building. The technical virtuosity demanded by the project is of the highest order, to which the team has responded magnificently. The architectural expressions of the buildings; brick and stone arches and stone columns can only succeed if the workmanship is immaculate, which it is”.