Designed to house the College’s Egyptian Exhibition and an Oratory Forum this classical design required exceptional levels of attention to detail to bring to life the design intent of John Simpson Architects. Lee Marley was winner, for the second consecutive year, of the Craftsmanship Award at the 2015 Brick Awards with judges noting,

“the craftsmanship is both hugely demanding and outstanding. It mirrors anything that has been achieved in previous generations. The careful realisation of a demanding design meticulously combines a variety of materials. This is a unique building responding to a unique programme and whilst the design itself is outstanding it is complimented by a degree of craftsmanship, which the winner has every reason to be extremely proud of”

The project required a great deal of skill, tenacity and organisation by our site team. With large-scale sections of natural stone, precast-stone and prefabricated concrete backed arches necessitating an innovative build sequence in which utilising our integrated scaffold team was integral to the success of the project.