The project was a combination of new build construction and refurbishment/conservation of the existing historic building. It require a wide variety of high calibrate skill sets all of which were met in house as an integrated envelope subcontractor.

Particular skills were needed with regard to the interface between the existing and new facades. Working closely with the main contractor, architect and engineer were key to our success.

The wide variety of trades/work required exceptional levels of management both in terms of change management and task management. Work included:

  • Repair of existing stone and brickwork, including traditional rebuilding of chimneys
  • Removal of historic stone and brick from areas of demolition, repair and reintroduction to new facades
  • Doff cleaning of historic stone
  • Enlarging existing window openings. Design and install temporary support, remove, repair and re-instate stone chills and jambs and match in new Clipsham stone.
  • Management of procurement of natural stone, design and manufacture.
  • Installation of new Ashlar stone.
  • Installation of masonry support system
  • Use of off-site manufactured 30mm stone slips to integrate new building into old where cavity size did not allow for standard dimension stone blocks. In order to ensure product integrity these were mounted on a stainless steel framing system.
  • Cutting of curved stone in site to achieve architect detail.
  • Procurement of imperial bricks and installation to extend and match existing facades
  • Construction of new chimneys to match existing.
  • Delivery to a tight timescale.
  • Superior logistical management and just in time deliveries required for cramped urban site