Huntley Wharf is a large-scale residential project in the centre of Reading, comprising 765 apartments in 3 blocks delivered over 3 years with Lee Marley delivering the scaffolding and brickwork.

Design and construction of the scaffold on this constrained urban site had to contend with a number of challenges, notably the Kennet & Avon Canal and its footpath. To mitigate risk to the public an intricate combination of protection fans and safety netting were designed to be used during both the erection and dismantle phase of the project. Intra-site circulation routes, for both materials and pedestrians, was another key risk factor that required careful consideration necessitation temporary exclusion zones and catch nets during the construction and dismantle phases of the scaffold.

Material Movements were particularly challenging, each block was effectively land locked with a central podium, this meant that the delivery of materials had to be planned weeks in advance to allow efficient use of the project cranes with limited time allowance. This also created a particular focus on Health and Safety in the lifting zones, exclusions zones were constantly being reviewed to ensure that operatives didn’t interface with the lifting operations and that programme was being achieved