Regency Heights comprises of 807 apartments in three blocks and comprised of 13 cores ranging from 14 to 28 storeys. The project was delivered in two overlapping phases delivered in just under two and a half years.

The project presented a number of challenges. The first phase of 2 blocks, comprising 8 cores was fast paced requiring resourcing of over 100 operatives for 14 months of the build. A joint brick and scaffold package was key as the build volume required significant logistical capabilities to feed the necessary output.

The second phase presented a different but significant logistical challenge with its signature feature, a 28 story tower that was 90m to the parapet, requiring detailed pre-construction planning to execute within programme. Our solution was to commence brickwork on multiple floors and having in-house steel fixers was a particular advantage to sequence production effectively. Distributing materials to multiple levels and at that height required overlapping logistics shifts with those on the workface and liaising closely with our scaffold team to install crane decks and loading bays over short timescales.