Regency Heights comprises of 807 apartments in three blocks and comprised of 13 cores ranging from 14 to 28 storeys. The project was delivered in two overlapping phases delivered in just under two and a half years.

Phase One utilised traditional tube and fitting scaffold to two blocks of 14 to 16 storeys. Logistics to the site were constantly changing and required multiple loading areas including traditional type Loading bays and crane-deck systems to allow multiple loading out of scaffold materials to all floor.

The second phase consisted of a multi-storey block including a 28 story tower. The scaffold, again traditionally constructed, included multiple deep beam supports to give clear access of low roof areas and podiums. The height of the tower, which was 90m to the parapet with an 8m scaffold for the services on the roof, proposed significant challenges in terms of scaffold design and the volume of scaffold material required, for example it needed quadruple standards in the lower floors. This volume and a 60 week erect and strike programme necessitated a focussed logistics and distribution plan. In addition, design coordination was required with the frame contractor as deep concrete slabs had to be poured to facilitate the high leg loads around specific beamed areas.