Starting salary £33k

To provide a professional and accurate service to external clients, internal Personnel and Consultants.

Responsible for ensuring adequate support to the commercial managers in the day-to-day commercial management of brickwork construction contracts from award of contract to completion. The role will involve working closely with the commercial managers to assist in insuring budget and income is run smoothly.

  • Reports to the Commercial director/Commercial Manager
  • Support in Reviewing contract agreements and ensure all documents are included and present for site access
  • Reviews documents (scope of works, drawings, specifications, contracts) within the contract agreement
  • Review procurement schedule and specifications details for conformity to contract requirements
  • Support the administration of Head Contract
  • Coordination with buyer in relation to payment to Sub-Contractors and Suppliers
  • Requesting or assessing variations including cost and extension of time implications. Ensuring this is closed out in a reasonable time frame
  • Day to day administration of contract terms and conditions
  • Assist in the Preparation of financial reports including cost forecasts and cash-flow monitoring for the project and in accordance with the agreed timetable
  • Comply with Lee Marley Management System processes and documentation
  • Support and maintain plan to maximize positive cash flow
  • Assist Complete monthly CVR reports in line with the required time frame
  • Work closely with the project lead ensuring they are fully aware of the commercial position/performance of the project
  • Attend all necessary meetings as requested and required

Professional Competence

  • Special functional knowledge and experience
  • Knowledge of masonry and general construction activities
  • Cross-functional understanding of standards

Commitment and engagement

  • Show affiliation to the Company
  • Stand by the Companies decisions
  • Perform high level of work ethic
  • Utilise own abilities for the best of the company

-Internal and external customer and market management

  • Foresee and act to meet customer needs
  • Drive customer/supplier relations
  • Demonstrate service orientation

Performance and result management

  • Increase efficiency and quality
  • Demonstrate cost discipline
  • Drive profit generation
  • Optimise allocation of resources
  • Execute tasks and focus on fast implementation

People management

  • Manage subordinates’ performance
  • Build and retain talent and develop people
  • Enable teamwork
  • Align and inspire teams

Decisiveness and adaptability

  • Be straight forward and goal orientated
  • Demonstrate drive and initiative
  • Demonstrate openness to change, flexibility and adaptability
  • Learn and develop continuously

Communication and cooperation

  • Provide information and ensure open communication
  • Demonstrate and apply persuasion and negotiation skills
  • Establish trust and relationships
  • Promote cooperation and partnership
  • Demonstrate intercultural awareness and competence

Entrepreneurial management

  • Drive integrated management
  • Consider external influencing factors
  • Consider long-term risks and opportunities
  • Drive innovation
  • Manage change

Sustainable management

  • Ensure occupational health and safety
  • Drive environmental protection
  • Avoid conflicts of interest
  • Comply with laws and regulations
  • Take social responsibility


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